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"What have I done?!"
―Dr. Rosenthal's last words

Dr. David Rosenthal is the head of the International Archaelogical Survey, a group of scientists who are looking for evidence of ancient advanced races on Earth. He appears in Crysis.


He and his daughter Helena Rosenthal have discovered artifacts in Afghanistan, Baghdad and Siberia that gave evidence to possible long-dead advanced species. The IAS then went to the Lingshan Islands where they found what they believed to be a statue or fossil in the jungle, which was actually an inactive Ceph Scout. The Scout began transmitting a signal to a structure in the island's main mountain. At some point, the Ceph structure in the mountain began causing massive earthquakes that were felt as far away as Hawaii. Either the IAS or the KPA created tunnels to the structure.


After the KPA occupied the island, Rosenthal was forced to continue his work on the inactive Ceph Scout under the watch of the North Koreans. While talking via telecom to General Kyong, Rosenthal attempted to warn the general not to open the Ceph structure, but was ignored. Seeing the results of one of his tests, Rosenthal attempted to warn Helena that the Scout was still alive. It is not known what he meant by this, but soon afterwards, the Scout emitting a freezing burst that killed Rosenthal, freezing him solid. His last conversation and death were presenced by Nomad. His CryNet Nanosuit protected him from the cold, but barely.


"I'm not concerned with your diplomatic manouverings, General."
―Dr. Rosenthal to General Kyong, dismissing the latter's point that Americans are already on the island.


  • Dr. Rosenthal is voiced by Doug James.
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