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"Do I have to do everything for myself? You are elite soldiers! You are equipped! Will somebody grow some balls and kill that tin fuck for me!"
―After learning that Alcatraz had escaped from the EMP trap during Eye of the Storm.

Dominic H. Lockhart is a commander of C.E.L.L. and the secondary antagonist of Crysis 2.


Commander Dominic H. Lockhart joined Hargreave-Rasch and C.E.L.L.'s Urban Pacification Division in 2015. Prior to this, he was an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Lockhart was a brutal and violent C.E.L.L. commander who served the interests of the CryNet Systems board of directors and major shareholders. As leader of C.E.L.L forces of New York City, Lockhart was a proponent of conventional warfare and intrinsically disliked the 'post-human super-soldier' concept.

Lockhart was a major opponent of the development of CryNet system's Nanosuit 2.0 - known as the N2 Program, and suggested his primary concern was the health risks posed to Nanosuit drivers. However, it is suspected that his strong stance against the N2 Program was in response to having lost his nephew, who was a member of the Nanosuit 1.0 project, through unknown circumstances involving the Nanosuit. He is personally calling it Hargreave's "Bastardized Cyborg dream".

Lockhart also attended meetings with the Senate and attempted to persuade them and CryNet to stop funding for the Nanosuit 2.0 project. However, CryNet stated that they will still continue the project while following several protocols and having Lockhart personally supervising the project.

Lockhart was given orders from CryNet founder Jacob Hargreave to apprehend Prophet and recover the Nanosuit 2.0; however, Lockhart became incensed in killing Prophet as his personal grudge, after many C.E.L.L operatives were killed trying to capture Prophet and for besting his men with the Nanosuit, and eventually putting him at odds with Hargreave and Tara Strickland.

Crysis 2[]

Lockhart, completely unaware of Prophet's death, pursued Prophet's successor Alcatraz, who obtains the Nanosuit 2.0, and mistakes him for Prophet. He and Strickland ambush Alcatraz and Nathan Gould at the CryNet building on Wall Street and successfully capture them. However, this endeavor was short lived as Alcatraz escapes from Lockhart's custody when the Ceph attack.

As the plot unfolds, Lockhart begins to ignore instructions from Hargreave. Supported by his loyal group of C.E.L.L. soldiers, Lockhart became consumed with eliminating Alcatraz, not realizing that his attempts on Alcatraz's life would jeopardize the struggle against the Ceph. Lockhart's forces attacked and failed to kill Alcatraz at the Hargreave-Rasch building. There Lockhart came into direct conflict with Hargreave, who berated the Commander for his vendetta on Alcatraz. Lockhart retorts that he has been given direct orders to kill Alcatraz by the CryNet Board of Directors and simultaneously placed Hargreave under house arrest.

Alcatraz finally came face to face with Lockhart at the Prism, where Lockhart was headquartered, prepared to eliminate Alcatraz. Under Hargreave's orders, Alcatraz attempted to kill the C.E.L.L. commander by throwing him face-first out a CryNet nano-shielded window and into the pavement, effectively ending his life.

Crysis 3[]

It is revealed in a datafile that he survived and donned a Nanosuit himself going by the codename Silverback. He began hunting Nomad.


"I want his head!"
―After Alcatraz had killed many C.E.L.L. soldiers during "Eye of the Storm."

"Nice try, tin man. This is nanoglass - no way through! You can thank Hargreave for that!"
―After Alcatraz shooting in Lockhart's nanoglass during "Eye of the Storm."

"Come on! I wanna see the color of your guts, boy!"
―When Alcatraz prepares to enter Lockhart's location during "Eye of the Storm."

"Fuck you, tin man!"
―Lockhart's last words during "Eye of the Storm."

"Nice. Got men all over the damn town looking for your ass, tin man. And here you are, already trussed and tied."
―Lockhart in Dead Man Walking as he captures Alcatraz


  • There exists the possibility that the nephew in question Nomad.
  • In "Eye of the Storm", after Lockhart is thrown through the nano-glass window, he is still alive and tries to crawl away. Either the player can put him out of his misery by shooting him, or let him die from his injuries.
  • Lockhart is voiced by Ruben Crow.
  • Dead_Man Walking, Lockhart's weapon switches from a black SCARAB with a Light Shotgun to a black SCAR with Gauss Attachment. For some strange reason, he uses the Gauss Attachment as some sort of an electric bayonet, meleeing Alcatraz instead of shooting him.
  • After collecting all data pads in Crysis 3 a new file appears that states that Lockhart survived the events of Crysis 2 and on top of that aquired nanosuit and is hunting Nomad. This contradicts to Crysis 2 story where Alcatraz throws Lockhart through window and is clearly shown being dead.




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