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E-Mail conversations are one of the four hidden collectables in Crysis 2. There are a total of ten in the game. These do not, however, count towards a trophy or achievement.

E-Mail List[]

Lockhart Files Complaint[]

From: Site Commander D. Lockhart, Manhattan Crisis Zone
To: C.E.L.L. Oversight Secretariat
Cc: CryNet Executive Board

I am placing a formal request that site authority
now be wholly devolved to my command. Jacob
Hargreave's interference in the crisis has
reached intolerable and frankly dangerous
In particular, I am requesting that you disallow Mr.
Hargreave's insertion of Tara Strickland in a
special advisory capacity. I need no special
advice on how to handle this crisis, least of all
from a burnt out Navy SEAL served with
dishonorable discharge from her unit. I have
sympathy for Ms. Strickland's loss, and knew her
father as a fellow officer before his death at
Lingshan; but her record since her father's death
speaks for itself. She is not fit for a field
Dominic H. Lockhart (Cmdr)

The Board Responds[]

From: C.E.L.L. Oversight Secretariat
To: Site Commander D. Lockhart, Manhattan Crisis Zone
Cc: CryNet Executive Board

Commander Lockhart,
We have received your request and will give it
due consideration. In the meantime, we would
remind you that Jacob Hargreave is a founding
officer of and majority shareholder in both
CryNet and CryNet Enforcement and Local
Logistics. Both the executive board and the
secretariat value his input highly.
You will continue to liaise with Special Adviser
Strickland until further notice.

Lockhart vs. Strickland[]

From: Site Commander D. Lockhart, Manhattan Crisis Zone
To: Special Adviser Tara Strickland
Cc: C.E.L.L. Oversight Secretariat

Ms. Strickland,
I have today received word from several of my
officers that you are interfering in their
management of the crisis zone; specifically that
you are countermanding my orders where shoot-
to-kill policy is concerned.
You will cease to do so immediately.
Dominic H. Lockhart (Cmdr)

Strickland Responds[]

From: Special Adviser Tara Strickland
To: Site Commander Lockhart, Manhattan Crisis Zone
Cc: C.E.L.L. Oversight Secretariat

Commander Lockhart,
May I remind you, sir, that in the case of Subject
Prophet and Nanosuit v2, Jacob Hargreave’s
instructions are explicit. Prophet is to be
captured alive and the nano-suit is to be damaged
as little as possible in the process. I am merely
conveying these instructions to your men where
their comportment does not serve those ends.
Further to this, I submit that since the failure of
evacuation and the lockdown, your troops have
grown increasingly unprofessional and trigger-
happy in their duties. This is a matter of some
concern to both myself and Mr. Hargreave, and, I
would imagine, to the Oversight Secretariat as
T. Strickland

US Marine Deployment[]

From: C.E.L.L. Oversight Secretariat
To: Site Commander Lockhart, Manhattan Crisis Zone
Cc: CryNet Executive Board

Commander Lockhart,
Following this morning's Supreme Court
emergency session ruling, and pending a formal
announcement by the President, US Marines are
to begin deploying in Manhattan midtown area
under Colonel Sherman Barclay. Their mission is
described as humanitarian intervention, but they
have been briefed for other combat eventualities
as well.
The constitutional outrage of these measures
notwithstanding, you are to co-operate with
Colonel Barclay's force and afford him any
assistance he may require, so long as it does not
conflict with your existing mandate.
We fully expect this measure to be revoked
within a short time.

Hargreave Relieved of Duties[]

From: CryNet Executive Board
To: Site Commander Lockhart, Manhattan Crisis Zone
Cc: C.E.L.L. Oversight Secretariat; Jacob Hargreave

Commander Lockhart,
We reluctantly conclude that your assessment of
Jacob Hargreave's mental competence is correct
at this time, and we herewith relieve him of all
board-related duties and shareholder privileges.
He is to be contained within the environs of the
Prisim building until a medical team can assess his
mental health. Operating mandate is also revoked
in the case of Special Adviser Tara Strickland,
pending further investigation. She is to be
detained for further questioning.
Your request for overall authority in the
Manhattan Crisis zone is herewith granted.

Lockhart Attacks the N2 Program[]

Archive: 22nd March 2021
From: Lieutenant Commander D. Lockhart, Seattle Deployment Team
To: CryNet Executive Board

I refer you to my previous correspondence
regarding CryNet's Nanosuit program, and
specifically the continuance of research and
funding under the new N2 protocol (Stage Six).
Hargreave-Rasch's proprietary nanotech has
failed so many legal safety requirements now and
so badly that the US military has withdrawn its
personnel from all testing in protest.
Sirs, I am an American patriot, and a shareholding
supporter of our corporate values. But what this
country needs is a culture of well-trained and
well-equipped modern soldiers we can be proud of
- not a Frankenstein parade of psychopaths and
dead men walking in tin suits whose technical
systems apparently remain a mystery even to
those who build them.
I respectfully re-iterate my request that the N2
program be formally terminated.
Dominic H. Lockhart (Lt. Cmdr)

Board Defends N2 Program[]

Archive: 28th March 2021
From: CryNet Executive Board
To: Lieutenant Commander D. Lockhart, Seattle Deployment Team

Lt-Cmdr Lockhart,
We are aware of the deeply personal nature of
your grievance against the nano-suit program.
We have no wish to re-open new wounds for you,
but must point out that this personal element
forces us to consider the possibility of your
having a "vendetta mentality" where the new technology is concerned.
At present, althrough the US military has formally
withdrawn from the N2 program, Pentagon
funding for our research continues in force, and
forms part of a substantial revenue stream for
the company. Your concerns notwithstanding, the
N2 program will therefore advance to Stage
Seven and Eight.
We will inform you if the situation changes. Until
then, you will please consider the matter closed.

Hargreave Betrayed[]

From: Jacob Hargreave
To: Site Commander Lockhart, Manhattan Crisis Zone

Did you really think I wouldn't find out about this,
Lockhart?! Did you really think you could
undermine me with the board that easily?!
Your days are numbered son!

Hargreave Signs Off[]

From: Jacob Hargreave
To: Nathan Gould

Well, Nathan - here we are. If you're reading
this, then I'm finally dead and the tasks that are
left fall to you.
The nano-suit has reached its full potential. The
coding changes necessary for it to modify the
spore are in place. This will prevent the rejection
mechanisms we have encountered so far in the
Ceph nanoflow from blocking or limiting
replication. The reversal should become total,
the spore in essence becoming a vector against
alien tissue instead of human.
It was once my intention to wear the suit myself
and deliver this weapon to the heart of the Ceph
systems personally - it seemed only fitting. I
stole Promethean nano-tech fire from them at
Tunguska and gifted it to the human race over the
following century. I woke them at Lingshan. That
I should be the one to send them back into oblivion
had an almost poetic resonance, a fullfillment of
long and heavy responsibility.
But the stage is set, I have done all I can. What
remains is up to you and Alcatraz. Good luck,
Nathan - my sincere best wishes go with you.