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E.M.A.T. is a division of personnel sent to New York City in an attempt to quell the Manhattan Virus during the events of Crysis 2. A number of E.M.A.T. personnel can be found dead at Evacuation Centers with the exception of the ones at Central Station Evacuation Center.

E.M.A.T. seems to be a federal level medical response team, similar to the American Red Cross, but at a much higher level and dealing with severely dangerous events, like the Manhattan Virus. They wear full-body, yellow suits to protect against biological contamination.

Known Units[]

  • E.M.A.T. Crisis Team One

Known E.M.A.T. Personnel[]

  • Akhila Ray - Doctor assigned to E.M.A.T. Crisis Team One
  • Matt - Doctor assigned to E.M.A.T. Crisis Team One