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The Nano Disruptor or Electro-Magnetic Pulse Grenade is an advanced electronic grenade used by the KPA in Crysis Warhead and usable as the M19 EMP Grenade in Crysis 3. The Nano Disruptor emits a small electro-magnetic pulse upon detonation that disables any electronic devices nearby. The US Marines are not seen using them in-game.


The Nano Disruptor grenade is more spherical than other grenades, making it easier to distinguish. As their name suggests, there are primarily an anti-Nanosuit weapon, able to deny the Nanosoldiers use of any of their suit modes and disabling their HUD and radar. They are rarer than other grenades, and are only found in Crysis Warhead (however, it is also available in Crysis singleplayer through the use of console commands). The EMP Grenades first appear in "Adapt or Perish", right at the beginning. This level is the first time these grenades have a real use, as Nanosuit KPA and Ceph aliens first appear here.

Crysis 3 Multiplayer[]

EMP Grenade returns in Crysis 3 multiplayer, now called M19 EMP grenade. It's unlocked at Rank 31. Each player is given two per life. This device will instantly drain all suit energy from a player within the three second blast radius. It is the perfect device for uncloaking enemies in Hunter Mode or any other game mode with many players using Stealth mode.


  • They are useful for softening up enemy Nanosoldiers, allowing the player to take them down more easily.
  • The Ceph are affected by the electromagnetic pulse from these grenades, disabling normal troopers instantly.


  • Ceph Troopers are only affected by the EMP grenade in Crysis Warhead.
  • Its model name is the Transceiver, and its in-game name is the Nano Disruptor.
  • Nano Disruptor shatters nearby frozen entities upon explosion.


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