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Eagle Team is a US Army Delta Force Unit that uses Nanosuits. They appear in Crysis Warhead and partly in Crysis 3.

Squad Members[]


Crysis Warhead[]

Eagle Team is a United States Army Delta Force team that was sent to the Lingshan Islands to recover the team of scientists who were captured by the Korean People's Army. They joined up with Psycho after he lost pursuit of Colonel Lee during a hovercraft chase. One of their members, Bear, was MIA at the time Psycho arrived. They split up when Eagle Team went to track down Hawk Team, and Psycho went to find Colonel Lee. Soon enough they were reunited, trying to escape into the caverns below the island. Psycho made it alone whilst Eagle Team were trapped outside due to a cave in at the entrance. Emerson later says they are heading back to the USS Constitution.

A CryNet datapad states that Bear was killed during the mission on Lingshan. [2]

Crysis 2[]

While not shown in Crysis 2, a CryNet datapad in Crysis 3 states that Blue Dog was killed during the New York Ceph attack in 2023. Parts of his suit were recovered by CryNet. [2]

Crysis 3[]

At least part of Eagle Team survived the events of Lingshan, but were captured by C.E.L.L. to be skinned of their Nanosuits prior to the events of the third game. Cupcake was killed during the process, but Dane and Bandit survived and were rescued by the underground resistance in New York. Dane and Bandit were last seen assisting Psycho in rescuing Prophet from the C.E.L.L. docks outside the Liberty Dome. Dane and Bandit are missing and presumed dead in an explosion that happened on the docks, either by their own sabotage or attack by C.E.L.L. forces. Later Claire mentions that the resistance lost good people in recovering Prophet and that she had lost contact with Dane and Bandit.

While on a mission to the skinning lab, Prophet and Psycho encounter a dead soldier wearing a torn up Nanosuit 1.0, presumably Cupcake.


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