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Commander Emerson is a character in Crysis Warhead.

Her appearance is never shown, as she operates as JSOC operator, connecting to Nanosuit members remotely to guide them to their objectives and give them tips and tactics. She appears to be similar to Nomad in the way that she obeys most orders from superiors without question. However, she does occasionally break the rules while helping Psycho in his personal missions.


"Fine, have it your way, but you are on your own while you go off mission"
―Emerson her dislike for Psycho to get O'Neill to safety before his own mission.

"As soon as that submarine goes under the waves, we've lost; theres no way we can track it. Our next contact could be when it vaporizes the USS Lexington"
―Emerson alerting Psycho that the submarine with the Container is ready to leave.

"O'Neill, I'm going to make this crystal-clear!"
―Emerson to O'Neill, when the two argue about who's to pick up Psycho and the Container.

"Any endstate that includes Lee obtaining the package you've been chasing is a disaster for us."
―Emerson to Psycho about the urgency to get the Container.


  • Emerson is voiced by Kathryn Akin.
  • Though Emerson is not present in Crysis 2, but in the Crysis 2 Multiplayer while playing as the Marines, the operator's voice strongly resembles the voice of Emerson. It is possible that it could be her leading the Marine players in battle.
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