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The Excavation Site is the location of what Dr. David Rosenthal believed to be a statue. The KPA commandeered the site for use as a military base during Crysis.


The excavation site is surrounded by mountains and the area is very deep. There are less trees around the area and the excavation site is known to transmit electrical signals around the island due to the Ceph "fossil" inside the research dome. The jungles contains trees and less vegetation for a combat zone.

During Crysis[]

The discovery of the "fossil" is likely the cause of the activation of other Scouts and the awakening of the Ceph structure in the mountain. The excavation site was probably built when the KPA occupied the islands, as it is heavily militarized. Kyong established the excavation site to have Dr. Rosenthal work on the inactive "fossil". The fossil was thought to have limitless power, which Kyong wanted.

Nomad learns from the CIA hostage that Dr. Rosenthal is located at the excavation site. He is then ordered by Major Strickland to find Dr. Rosenthal and safely extract him.

When Nomad infiltrates the research dome, he sees that the "fossil" has the same appearance as the thing that killed Jester and presumably Aztec. Nomad also hears Dr. Rosenthal tell Kyong that the fossil is a carbon-based machine, which has predated mankind for a million years. He tells Kyong that he needs more time to examine the fossil, but Kyong ignores him, telling him that what happened in the Hindu Kush was an accident and that he was not this cautious with the pieces found in Baghdad or Siberia. Rosenthal finishes his tests and sees that something is moving in the fossil. Rosenthal then warns Helena Rosenthal that it is still alive. Whether this is true or not is unsure. However, just then, the Scout created a microwave burst that disrupted communications and deactivated Nomad's cloaking. Rosenthal told Nomad to stop Kyong and that Kyong is holding the research team hostage up at the mines where they've found a bigger relic. The Ceph Scout then creates a burst of energy that freezes the interior of the research dome, killing Dr. Rosenthal and several KPA soldiers.

As Nomad exited the dome, he was told by Major Strickland that the KPA had reinforcements on the way. Nomad then left the excavation site to head downriver to the extraction point.

During the Ice Sphere's expansion, the inactive Alien Scout was probably recovered and repaired, or it probably woke up, breaking free from the excavation site, and killing several Koreans as it regrouped with other Alien Scouts.


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