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Extraction is a round-based objective game mode in Crysis 3.


Two teams of six players each fight over two active cells on the map. One team must defend the cells, and one team must steal the cells and take them to an extraction chopper at their base to earn a point. After the Seven Minute and 30 Second (7:30) Time Limit has been reached, the teams switch sides and roles. The team with the most points at the end of the two rounds will be the winner. Taking a power cell will earn the player 100 XP.

Only the Secondary Weapon can be used while holding the cell. The player must then take the cell to the extraction chopper at their base to earn 300 XP and score a point for the team. When a power cell is taken, the defensive team must kill the player who's holding the cell, then “restore” the cell by standing next to it for a set amount of time. If another enemy player picks up the cell, the restore time will reset. 50 XP will be earned to every player that helps restore the cell.