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Eye of the Storm
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Eye of the Storm
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"Eye of the Storm" is the sixteenth mission of Crysis 2.


As the VTOLs fly away from New York City, Nathan Gould's evacuation train is derailed by Ceph forces. He suggests they fly Alcatraz to Roosevelt Island, where Hargreave's base of operations, the Prism, is located, and where Hargreave is being held under house arrest by Lockhart. Alcatraz is dropped there, and Hargreave informs him that Lockhart has set up an electromagnetic pulse trap. Alcatraz disables the power, bypasses the trap, and infiltrates the facility, where he kills Lockhart by throwing him out a window. Continuing toward Hargreave, Alcatraz is then hit by a second EMP trap and captured by Tara Strickland at Hargreave's orders.


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  • There is a teddy bear on the floor of the VTOL.
  • At the beginning of the mission when the player is on the VTOL, enabling Cloak mode or Armor mode will impress the soldiers and they will comment, saying such things as "He's invincible!" when you engage Armor Mode or "He cloaked, what the f***!" when you engage Cloak. This is most likely due to the fact that the Marines are programmed as enemies in the level. When you tag them in visor mode, they appear red and the proximity alarm sounds near them.
  • There is a portaloo at the start of this mission (near the light house) and if the player shoots it, a C.E.L.L. operative will yell "Hey, it's occupied!"
  • If the player successfully infiltrates the island and into power station without detection (enemy alertness level never fills to maximum), then the disco music from the Disco Elevator Easter egg will play after riding the elevator down and entering the next room. The C.E.L.L. Assault Operative in the control room can be seen doing dance gestures at the end of the song.
  • The player can make Lockhart's voice light with helium. At the power station, the player may reroute air conditioning; it is near the doorway to the power switch. After Hargreave unlocks the maintenance door, there will be another switch that looks like the one from the power room and this increases the air conditioning in Lockhart's room. After exiting the pipes, the player should go around towards Lockhart's building and there should be a helium valve near a garage.
  • When inside the VTOL, if the player activates the Visor, the game will allow you to use it with weapons once the playable portion of the mission starts. Closing the visor afterwards will cancel the effect.
  • If the player activates the visor inside the VTOL, there is a Gauss Rifle up in the front of it.
  • The name of the level came from the book "Eye of the Storm"