Fgl-40 v02
FGL40 Automatic Grenade Launcher
Production information

Korean Peoples Army




Grenade launcher, assault weapon

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

250 High explosive grenade

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode



Double action

Rate of Fire

80 rounds per minute





Ammunition specifications
Ammunition Type
  • 40mm (presumed) high explosive grenade shell
  • 40mm electromagnetic grenade shell
Muzzle Velocity
  • 40 meters per second
  • 30 meters per second for remote controlled grenade

Milkor MGL (real world counterpart), Under-barrel Grenade Launcher attachment


Under-barrel grenade launcher attachment


Korean People's Army


The FGL40 Automatic Grenade launcher is a weapon used in Crysis Warhead. It is used by the Korean People's Army, though none of the soldiers seem to use it ingame. It is a powerful support weapon which can rapidly launch grenades.


FGL40 is an automatic drum-fed grenade launcher. It can fire grenades at up to 80 rounds per minute, making it a devastating weapon. The FGL40 has special crosshair, which allows the player to see the angle of the shot. By holding the fire button a marker is set on the location to be bombarded, and a target is displayed on the HUD. If the crosshairs are aligned with this target when the fire key is released the grenade will fall on-target. It has remotely controlled grenades that will detonate when the aim command is clicked. It can only equip the Flashlight attachment, although can be modified to be compatible with the Laser Pointer.


The FGL40 has a high rate of fire and inflicts heavy damage. It can destroy most light vehicles as well as multiple KPA soldiers with a single shell. The grenade shells are also powerful enough to damage the light armor of ASVs.


The FGL40 has a relatively short range, much shorter than Grenade Launcher attachment, due to its projectiles low speed (about half of the attachment's speed). Its speed is even lower with remotely controlled grenades, potentially exposing the user to enemy fire. It also reloads very slowly if every ammo is used before reloading. Therefore, it is advised to reload after every 1-2 shots.


  • Psycho is the only character that ever used this weapon.
  • The FGL-40 is presumably of US manufacturing, as it is gray colored, opposed to the camo/brown pattern used by the KPA.
  • The FGL-40's design is based on the Milkor MGL Grenade Launcher.
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