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"New to the Crysis series, this compact and lightweight SMG might just be perfect choice for fast-paced, close quarters combat."
―In-game description

The Feline is a submachine gun featured in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.


The following text is taken from Weapon Focus section of the official Crysis website (now dead):


European-manufactured submachine gun with high capacity magazine and an impressive rate of 1200 RPM when fired in full auto mode. The Feline, developed by British weapon specialists, Lank & Linder, was introduced in 2019 primarily for specialist law enforcement and armed forces worldwide. As of 2023, the Feline is still considered best-of-class, lauded for its dominating rate of fire and compact, ergonomic bullpup design.

The Feline utilizes next-gen 4.7mm pistol ammunition, shrinking overall bullet size and increasing magazine capacity with no discernible impact on stopping power.

In addition to its compact design, the Feline can mount a number of attachments including a laser pointer and reflex sight to enhance the weapon’s accuracy and combat range.[1]

In Multiplayer, you unlock a C.E.L.L. camouflage for the Feline at Level 50.

Stats (Crysis 3)[]

Accuracy: 3

Rate of fire: 10

Mobility: 7

Damage: 3

Range: 3

Stability: 8


Crysis 3[]

The Feline returns in Crysis 3 as the Feline X3. As in Crysis 2, it uses 4.7mm compact rounds that don't do too much damage to unprotected, unexposed locations from afar, (vulnerable spotting greatly aided by the inclusion of the tech scope). but will wreck house when paired with the massive rate of fire at close range. When engaging Ceph and CELL Enforcers, it's recommended that a an extended clip (magazine) be fitted.

In the singleplayer world of crysis 3, this gun enjoys great benefits of having many useful attachments. many of which are all but exclusive to it (Bayonet, Dual Magazine, tech scope, etc.) - however, the damage per bullet is low even against the majority of CELL operatives (provided a weak spot's not hit at short range, without the silencer equipped, made that much easier with a tech scope attached), making it more of a sidearm, or support weapon. While the Ceph's very obvious weak spots and tendency to flinch, one might expect the feline X3 to be a premiere weapon, however, low damage and need for extremely short range works against it. It remains extremely useful as a sidearm, or support weapon thanks to all its attachments. Coincidentally, this weapon is only available for the first 3 missions, for better or worse, so if you like it, you'd better pick it up during mission 1, 2. or 3, since it doesn't appear in mission 4 and beyond.

Tactically, the Feline X3 can't take full advantage of the range its tech scope allows the player to observe - but said player's secondary weapon might. When combined with the bayonet mod and the super strength nanomod, this humble submachinegun becomes an extremely lethal melee weapon (killing ceph Stalkers in one shot to the limbs, with bayonet equipped and super strength nanomod, all at a faster attack rate than every other bayoneted weapons). Though its its individual bullets may be low damage, CELL operatives not blessed with heavy armor and/or or bullet proof helmets are still vulnerable to one-shot kills from extreme ranges, and even those with listed bullet proof helmets will die in one shot up close, unlike the 4mm cartridges fired from the SCAR and SCARAB rifles, which routinely will require 2 or 3 cartridges to kill.

The feline 3X has a very neat stealth profile, consuming a mere 12 energy per silenced shot (2 more than the hammer pistol, at vastly longer ranges), and recloaking in under 2 seconds by default if fired in cloak (ever so slightly faster than the hammer pistol) without a silencer mounted. While it undoubtedly loses a lot of its value once Ceph start becoming the main enemy in the campaign, for a sidearm or a support weapon to enhance something like the grendel, it more than suffices. though the lack of special ammunition and grenade launching will be magnified as the player progresses through the campaign - primarily based on the players' primary weapon, of course. Tagged with a grendel, the feline is debatably the best sidearm in the game, but when matched with other weapons (the ever-popular SCARAB), it tends to fall extremely short.

Attachments (Crysis 3)[]

  • Iron Sights (mission 1)
  • Reflex Sight (mission 1)
  • Tech Scope (mission 3)
  • Rifle Laser Sight (mission 1)
  • Semi-auto (default)
  • Extended Magazines (90 round capacity, but 25% longer reload) (mission 2)
  • Dual Magazine (50% reduced reload time for every other reload) (mission 2)
  • Silencer (mission 1)
  • Match Barrel (mission 2)
  • Bayonet (the Feline 3x's bayonet has enough power to kill a Stalker Ceph in 3 hits unassisted) (mission 4)


Level Attachment Unlocked  

  1.  1       Iron Sights  0 Kills   
  2.  2      Reflex Sight 10 Kills
  3.  3    Suppressor    25 Kills
  4.  4    Assault Scope 50 Kills
  5.  5    Tech Scope    100 Kills
  6.  6    Match Barrel   150 Kills
  7.  7    Extended Magazine 200 Kills
  8.  8    Rifle Laser Sight 250 Kills
  9.  9    Hologram      300 Kills


  • The manufacturer in the game clearly says "Lank & Linder". However closer inspection on the gun says "Scrutch Industries", makers of the SCAR and SCARAB.
  • The text "9MM" is visible on the bottom of the Feline's magazine despite the fact that the Feline uses 4.7mm ammunition.
  • In Crysis 3, the Feline 3X has the 'honor' of being the only weapon that requires 3 shots to kill the deer at the start of mission #2.


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