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Financial District

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Crysis 3
Support Bonuses

Maximum Radar

EMP Blast

Maximum Nanosuit


Game Types
Team Instant Action


Financial District is a multiplayer map featured in Crysis 3.


Financial District is a large multiplayer map set in the overgrown financial area of New York City. The central building on the map is accessible from several other raised areas around the edges that allow for a quick strike from above and the side. Beneath the central building is a small pipe that allows players to go from one end to the other without having to take the long way around.

In the beginning of most matches with this level, all players will naturally gravitate towards the middle building (as this is where an X-PAC and a Reaper Cannon can be found) where a massacre will always ensue. If using a Predator Bow or a weapon not useful for close-up and large-scale firefights, entering that area is advised against for at least 30 seconds after the match begins.

In certain gamemodes, a Pinger will be deployed by dropship to the map. It's usually located somewhere in the trench around the center, although isn't extremely useful for this map since lamp posts will block you from fully aiming at the center building and enemy players have a location with which to jump onto the Pinger and hijack with.