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Frozen Paradise
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Frozen Paradise
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The fourth mission of Crysis Warhead. It centers about Psycho and his fight to find and reach an exit point from the Ice Sphere.


Psycho and Eagle Team move into the tunnel, and reach its exit point. Cupcake is shot by a Nanosuit sniper and they are forced to take cover and fight against the snipers. After they eliminate all snipers, Psycho moves out while the rest stay behind and provide covering fire. Psycho fights against both KPA and Cephs and manages to reach and jump in USS Maine. He clears his way until he reaches the other side, Eagle Team reports that they have found Hawk Team, but all of them have been ambushed and killed.

Psycho moves through frozen and broken-up sea, avoiding and fighting Cephs and KPA Nanosuit soldiers in his way. He comes close to the tunnel, Prophet says through a radio, reporting that he is still alive but stuck inside the sphere and is beginning to suffer from the coldness around himself. Psycho moves through the tunnel, he encounters another Ceph Hunter destroying an ASV. He continues to fight his way until he reaches a fall, and the Pacific Shores Mine can be seen by him. Psycho receives that Eagle Team has set up their defensive position around the mine entrance, Psycho moves in to meet with them while clearing the mine. They finally rally at the mine entrance but soon have to fight the Ceph while Cupcake is setting up the explosive to detonate the mine entrance's obstacle. After a long fight, they find that the explosive does not work, but the Hunter comes back and blow the obstacle with its Singularity Cannon. Psycho moves into the mine while the rest stay behind and provide covering fire again.




  • ASV (not usable)
  • Tank (only MG available)
  • Truck (not usable)


  • The frog is available in the largest building on the southwest corner with some trucks on the road on the left of the mine. Try to jump up on it until you finally reach a balcony on the side of the road with truck, a box can be found here with the frog on it.
  • Inside the tunnel where you will reach the mine, the upper path in the end of the tunnel& contains a frozen Scrat-like rat with acorn from a movie Ice Age on a wall.