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The electronically simulated map of New York City comes up. Two markers representing Gould and Alcatraz location are shown.

Gould: "Listen, Alcatraz - I ran a spike into CELL coms back there. Looks like they were going to take you to a command post at Wall Street. I know the place, it's safe bet they've got an Nanosuit cradle there, with deep scan capacity. We got to get a look at the deep layers of your suit. The place is gonna be sewn up tight... but there's an emergency evac tunnel built under the street. Get to the Wall Street church, that's where the tunnel comes up. Stick to the rooftops, it 'll be safer. I'm taking another route, I 'll meet you there."

Alcatraz is shown quickly making it's way to the church.

Cutscene End

Mission Begins

Alcatraz moves through the rooftops of Financial District, NY, on August 23rd, 12:48 p.m.

Gould: "I'm seeing a lot of CELL activity on the streets around the command post. Looks like the Ceph have got'em spooked. Keep heading to the church. I'll see if I can help you bypass security."

New Objective: Infiltrate the CELL Nanotech facility: Breach the CELL command post.

Alcatraz moves through the rooftops and reaches the church area.

Gould: "Shit! It's all changed. Place is crawling with CELL uniforms, they've got some kind of executive lockdown going on. Look, I'm gonna need some help getting past the security. I need you to create a diversion at the church, draw troops away from Wall Street. Then, uh... Yeah, you can slip through the emergency access tunnel, meet me at the other end."

CELL Assault Operative: "Stay sharp, he must be up here somewhere."

CELL Assault Operative #2: "I'm ready for him. Let's make it count this time."

New Objective: Create a diversion for Gould.

Alcatraz moves up and kills a standing CELL operative. A CELL gunship flies by.

CELL Assault Operative: "Emerald Three, do you copy? Emerald Three?!"

Alcatraz goes into one of ammunition posts and detonates the first bomb. Alcatraz then goes to the second post and detonates the second bomb.

CELL Assault Operative: "Oversight, this is Emerald Eight. We have a secondary explosion at the church. Requesting immediate assistance."

Oversight: "Roger that, deploying reinforcements. Hold tight."

Gould: "Alright! It's working. But, uh, they're gonna be heading your way."

New Objective: Unlock the escape tunnel.

Alcatraz kills all the reinforcement and disable electric fence guarding the escape tunnel.

New Objective: Enter the evac tunnel under the church.

Gould: "Okay, now's your chance. Get through the access tunnel. I'll meet you at the other side."

Alcatraz reaches the evac tunnel and enters it.

Gould: "Alright, make your way through. I'll see you on the other side."

New Objective: Head to the Wall Street facility.

Alcatraz goes through the tunnel. A Ceph Guardian sees Alcatraz and runs away deeper into the tunnel.