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Gauss Cannon is a significantly more powerful version of the standard Tank cannon and deliver their payload via magnetic acceleration and usually fire large slugs of depleted uranium or tungsten alloy that are tipped with high explosives for increased damage.


Gauss Cannons commonly appear on Gauss Tanks and have been known to have scaled down to portable variations (the most noticeable being the Gauss rifle) that serve a wide array of duties in combat.


A well placed Gauss Cannon shot can destroy all light vehicles and helicopters. It takes around 2 shots to destroy a tank, or a full health VTOL. The best way of using it is giving Anti-Air Support for ground units. Another best way is to give support to ground units when attacking the enemy base in Power Struggle. Gauss Cannons are a great way to win Prestige Points.


The Gauss Cannon leaves a trail of blue smoke that can show the enemy your location. Sometimes even a direct hit upon a VTOL can't take it down, the reload takes quite some time and the enemy will definitely come for you. To counter this, the user of the Gauss Cannon should be accompanied by teammates for protection.


  • Gauss Cannon can be mounted on SPAAA's through modifying the vehicle.


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