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The Gauss Tank is a M5A2 tank equipped with the Gauss Cannon.


In appearance the Gauss Tank doesn't differ much from the normal M5A2 Tank, with the exception of the fact that it has the Gauss Cannon instead of the normal Tank Cannon.


The Gauss Tank is equipped with the massive Gauss Cannon, one of the most powerful weapons in game. The Cannon as well has a MG alongside the barrel which is controlled by the driver. It also has a MG turret on top or a Gauss Rifle Turret in the multiplayer mode.


  • The Gauss Tank is fast, very resilient to damage and as well as very accurate.
  • It has the second most powerful weapon and the fastest weapon in game, the Gauss Cannon.


  • The reload is slow and may leave you vulnerable to more resilient vehicles.
  • The tank always gives away it's position because of the blue trail left by the Gauss Cannon Slug.