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The Gauss Attachment is a small underbarrel attachment version of the M2014 Gauss appearing in Crysis 2. It uses electromagnetic fields to accelerate a skirted projectile to hypersonic velocities, minimizing bullet drop and defeating most kinds of armor by sheer kinetic force. It is only available for the SCAR.

It can be found at the beginning of Corporate Collapse. The player may find it by using the visor to ID a SCAR by a burning truck/HUMVEE.

Owing to its smaller size and smaller coils, the underbarrel gauss attachment has a shorter range for maximum kinetic energy in the slug than the M2014, but it has the same power as the M2014 when used in its effective range. This attachment provides the common soldier with a precision anti-materiel firing solution with greater armor penetration than standard rifle rounds or the 4mm sabot round used by the SCAR family. In terms of accuracy and power, the gauss attachment is superior to the M203 underbarrel grenade launcher. On the other hand, the gauss lacks the M203's indirect fire capability and splash damage. The gauss attachment is useful against Ceph Commanders and Ceph Pingers: the gauss can kill a Ceph Commander in one shot and a Pinger in six to seven shots. Headshots will kill most unarmored to medium armored infantry.

It would appear that the Gauss attachment and the M2014 Rifle share common ammunition: If the player has an M2014 rifle, the player cannot normally replace the ammunition in it. However, if the player also carries a SCAR rifle with a Gauss attachment, the player can replenish ammo for both at ammo crates. This may be unintentional. The Gauss attachment can be found in Corporate Collapse in 3 places. The first one is near a burning LTV at the start of the mission. The second is in one of garages in the building with ceph in it, not the Hargreave Rasch building. The third one is in the same building near two ceph grunts at the top of the building.


Damage: 10


  • In Multiplayer, the Gauss attachment does less damage than it does in Campaign mode.
  • In Multiplayer, the Gauss attachment is able to take down a Ceph Airstrike in only two shots if the player hits its generator.