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"We respect the Geneva Convention, but the Nanosuit is not a recognized uniform, it invalidates your rights."
―Lee, Shore Leave, replying to Psycho's statement that he is a PoW.

Colonel Lee "Gold Lion" Kim-sun (Korean: 리김선, Li Gim-seon) is the main antagonist of Crysis Warhead.


Lee Kim-sun was a political officer out of Pyongyang. Having captured an alien intact, he is pursued by Psycho throughout the game to prevent the KPA from bringing it off the island and attempting to use its power. Like the special forces, Lee is equipped with a Korean Nanosuit.

Crysis Warhead[]

From the start of the game, Lee commands attacking forces that attack a convoy which Psycho has joined. He has successfully captured an Ceph Scout, and put it into a container, which has been pursued all over the island. Lee has a plan to transport the container to North Korea for researching and reverse-engineering through the airfield. After a long chase, the container is blocked at a train bridge to the airfield, his troops have captured an engineer who has set bombs and blockades on the bridge. He uses him to exchange with the detonator being used by Psycho, but Psycho denies, Lee's troops drop the engineer. Psycho blows the bridge anyway but ultimately fails to destroy both the container and Lee.

During "All the Fury", Lee comes and interrupts Psycho and Sean O'Neill who are investigating the container. Lee's men take control of O'Neil's VTOL, but they are eliminated by cloaked Psycho who has sneaked away before Lee arrived. Lee tries to shoot O'Neill, but the bullets are blocked by cloaked Psycho. The fight ensures between Lee and Psycho, although Lee stuns Psycho and jumps onto the VTOL in an attempt to take out O'Neill and escape with the container. The attempt fails as Psycho jumps on board as well. After a short struggle, Psycho gains the upper hand and stuns Lee with his own device before throwing the Colonel off the VTOL, leaving Lee at the mercy of the Ceph Warrior. Lee's death is not shown, but it's safe to assume he met his demise.

Crysis 3[]

It is confirmed in the Ironhorse datafile Master List of Subjects 2/5 that he was killed on Lingshan during the Ceph incursion.


"She didn't self-destruct."
―Lee, All the Fury, answering the question that O'Neil put to himself.

"That does not belong to you, American."
―Lee, From Hell's Heart, responding to Sykes after he steals the C4 detonator.


Lee Attack

Colonel Lee attacking Nomad in his normal uniform

  • He has a normal uniform from game files.
  • Lee's forces seem to be independent forces out of Kyong's control.
    • This makes sense as he is stated as being a "political" officer. Political officers are outside the normal military's chain of command and can take command of military forces/assets as needed.
  • Lee never appears outside a cutscene, although he is "seen" in the Hovercraft, but it can be assumed that the developers used another character.
  • Colonel Lee is voiced by Togo Igawa.
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