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Grabbing is a gameplay element present in all of the Crysis games. It allows the player to pick up objects and enemies and throw them with varying levels of force, though the primary use is to quickly kill priority enemies.

Crysis and Crysis Warhead[]

In Crysis and Crysis Warhead, grabbing an object will occupy the player's view, and they will not be able to fire their weapon or use any equipment. Holding an object will slow the player down. If the player presses the primary fire button, they will throw the object they are carrying. While using Strength Mode, the player will throw the object much farther than if they were not. However, this will use a substantial amount of Nanosuit energy.

Crysis 2[]

Grabbing remains mostly unchanged from Crysis in Crysis 2, with some differences. If you want to throw something you're holding farther, hold the primary fire button. If you hold the button for too long, a sound effect plays, then the item will be thrown with extreme force, but this consumes all available Nanosuit energy. Differently from the first Crysis and Warhead, when you grab enemies, you hold them for about 2 seconds before automatically throwing them, and instantly killing them in the process. This also happens if you run out of suit energy. Held NPCs will act as human shields, but this is only relevant on the two lowest difficulties.

Crysis 3[]

At its core, identical to Crysis 2's grabbing system, but the human shield value of held NPCs is a bit higher, grabbing drains energy slower, and you can perform silent executions on held NPCs by pressing the melee key. Disposing off held NPCs like this costs no energy. Various nanosuit mods add further utility to grabbing and throwing. Most held props can be swung with the melee key,