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The Grenade Launcher attachment is an attachment in the Crysis series. It is a device that is put on the underside of a gun, allowing Rifle grenades to be fired.


Damage: 9

Tactics (Crysis 1)[]

The Rifle Grenades fired from the Grenade Launcher attachment easily exceed the speed and range of Frag grenades thrown even in Strength mode. However, it is somewhat cumbersome to switch firing modes, whereas throwing a grenade is much quicker. Another difference is the fact that a Rifle Grenade detonates on impact, whereas a Frag Grenade detonates after a certain amount of time.

Tactics (Crysis 2 and 3)[]

A 30mm or 40mm tube, mounted underslung the rifle's barrel, and fired by a separate trigger. Regardless of the rifle they're mounted on, grenade launchers are time-consuming to aim, load, and prepare, plus only ever come with half a dozen of shells. In Crysis 2 and 3, picking up frag grenades will fully replenish your rifle grenades, and unique in crysis 3, frag grenade crates will fully replenish the L-TAG weapon, as well. Despite their flaws, rifle grenades provide the average soldier with the means to project explosives many times farther than he could with his arm, at a fraction the weight. NOTE: rifle grenades have a roughly 5 meter arming distance, to prevent you from blowing yourself up. If fired within this range, the grenade will fall harmlessly to the ground.

In crysis 3, all grenade launchers seem to have the exact same stats; roughly 5 square meter blast radius, complete with a dozen or so seconds of intense burning, enough impact damage to one-shot smaller ceph into goey bits, yet critically lacking the velocity needed to guarantee hits on aware infantry., who'll be more than eager to throw themselves out of the way. To engage grenade mode, press the 2 key. Note that this locks out usage of the weapon's other functions. Once you're in position, aim like you would any other weapon, which will bring up the artillery sight (unless you're playing on the two most difficult modes), make adjustments, and pray for the best. If the first grenade misses the target, but hits kinda close, load the second grenade and tweak your aim. Repeat as necessary.

This simple strategy will guarantee success, but naturally limits mobility. A far more effective way is to do high jumps and unload rifle grenades straight down on the foe, or sneak around the battlefield in cloak mode, ready to blow a group up when they least expect it. The most reliable, but dangerous, way to use rifle grenades, is to flinch and wound tough enemies, then unloading the grenade on them when they're trying to recover or retreat, finishing them in a single blow. Like frag grenades, rifle grenades have enough power to seriously damage and destroy human and Ceph machinery, cybernetics, and vehicles.

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