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"Who's got the scope? Snipe the little f***s shielding the others!!"
Dane, telling anyone to take out the Guardian Troopers.

The Guardian Trooper and the Leader Trooper are variations of the normal Trooper, the Guardian Trooper has the ability to shield other Troopers while the Leader Troopers are exclusively armed with a MOAR.


The Leader Troopers have the same design as a generic Trooper, but has a different,crown-like attachment on their head and different color. Its behavior is still the same as any other generic Troopers, but these aliens generally lead squads of Troopers and are very rare. Its weapons are a MOAR and tentacles for melee combat and shattering its prey.

Guardian Shield

Guardian shielding two Troopers

The Guardian Troopers have the same design as the Leader Trooper, but with grey color base and green color theme, unlike the black base and blue theme of other Troopers. The basic weapons are a MOAC and its tentacles, as well as its shield generator.

Fighting Techniques[]

The Leader Troopers have the similar fighting techniques as all other troopers, although they tend to wait and charge their MOARs to shoot at the player. Remember that normally their MOARs are even more powerful than those used by Scouts, however they are still less powerful than Hunter's. In case of they have frozen you, quickly press any movement key to break free otherwise any Trooper will come in and shatter you to pieces, they are enemies to be taken seriously.

The Guardians have the same fighting techniques as all the Troopers, although they may stay behind with other Troopers to shield them up. They also have a MOAC that is used to shoot the player. If you get too close, they will disable you with EMP, this also makes them invulnerable to EMP Grenade that would render any Troopers useless.

The way to destroy the Guardians' shield is to use explosive weapons, as explosive weapons will break through their shield instantly and damage Troopers inside, grenades are recommended, as they are easy to find. However, the best way to destroy their shield is to destroy the Guardians themselves.


Alien shield

Leader Trooper

Both variantions are easily killed in a single Gauss Rifle shot, they are also destroyed by a frag grenade and several shots from other weapons. The shield of the Guardian can be disabled only if the Guardian itself is killed or if it sustains a very large amount of damage, and especially explosive damage. While activated the shielded Troopers will stay around the Guardian protecting it. When not shielding any other Trooper it can be killed normally.


  • The Leader Trooper is called MOAR Trooper.
  • It is the only known unit to be able to shield other Aliens.
  • The model name is "Guardian Trooper".
  • Troopers in Crysis Warhead have different AI.