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The HMS Robin Hood was a modern stealth missile destroyer of the british navy destroyed nearby Brooklyn.

Operational History[]

The Hood was a cutting-edge carrier-sized warship over a trimaran hull with invisibility like the one employed in the CryNet Nanosuit. It is strongly implied than it was one of the most new and advanced warships of the British nave, but it was "gifted" to CELL as partial payment of British's debts against the company.

The Robin Hood was sent to his maiden voyage at the other side of the Atlantic, to New York City, with orders to bombard Yonkers, annihilating the Resistance cells located there. But captain Harper cannot obey the orders, so he ordered the arrest of his XO, Stevens, which was a CELL enthusiast follower, and made the ship cloak and approach to Yonkers, their target, taking a boat and disembarking with a small team.

Once on the ground, they contacted the Resistance leader, Karl Ernst Rasch, and the CryNet Nanosuit soldier Dane, agreeing to join the fight against CELL. Dane was sent with them, but before the boat reached the destroyer, it was attacked and blown by the Robin Hood's guns. The ship had been retaken by the freed Stevens and some junior officers, all CELL loyalists, but Dane survived and rescued the captain, the only other survivor. Together boarded the ship, and Harper forced Dane at gunpoint to avoid killing his men. With assistance from the captain's loyalists, they successfully retaken the ship and captured Stevens.


However, Harper's loyalists' victory was a short one: thanks to the second officer transponder, CELL located them, even camouflaged, and shoot Archangel on them. Dane managed to jump to the Hudson River and survived the attack, though with his Nanosuit heavily damaged, but Harper and all other surviving crewmembers were instantly vaporized, even being Archangel at minimal power.


  • Cyrus Harper (captain, deceased)
  • Commander Stevens, executive officer (deceased)
  • Lt. Commander Samantha Swanson (executed)
  • Lt. Zinah Talpur, leader of the marines onboard (deceased)
  • Lt. Hamilton (deceased)
  • Lt. Chalmers (deceased)
  • Sgt. Martin (executed)
  • Midshipman Walters (deceased)
  • Corporal Fenn (KIA)
  • Private Fry (KIA)
  • Private Harman (KIA)


  • The Robin Hood was one of three ships of his class. His advanced technology was so expensive than, ironically, after receiving them, Britain was forced to sell its entire navy to CELL to pay part of his debt with them.