Crysis Wiki

From: Jacob Hargreave
To: Nathan Gould

Well, Nathan -- here we are. If you're reading
this, then I'm finally dead and the tasks that are
left fall to you.
The nanosuit has reached its full potential. The
coding changes necessary for it to modify the
spore are in place. This will prevent the rejection
mechanisms we have encountered so far in the
Ceph nanoflow from blocking or limiting
replication. The reversal should become total,
the spore is essence becoming a vector against
alien tissue instead of human.
It was once my intention to wear the suit myself
and deliver this weapon to the heart of the Ceph
systems personally - it seemed only fitting. I
stole Promethean nano-tech fire from them at
Tunguska and gifted it to the human race over the
following century. I woke them at Lingshan. That
I should be the one to send back into oblivion
had an almost poetic resonance, a fulfillment of
long and heavy responsibility.
But the stage is set, I have done all I can. What
remains is left to you and Alcatraz. Good luck,
Nathan - my sincere best wishes go with you.