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Hillside Cafe was a somewhat luxury cafe on the high-rise location near the Ceph Mountain. It has some role in "Exodus".


The Hillside Cafe sits on the edge of a cliff and the climate around there is pretty mild until August 16, 2020 when the climate became colder due to the ice sphere's expansion.


The Hillside Cafe is a very beautifully arranged building, it also has a terrace, with the view to the valley. On the other side of the road there is a motel.


The Cafe is first known in "Contact", on billboards. The billboards can be seen throughout some later levels. It is first seen in "Exodus" when Nomad and Prophet exit the Ice Sphere. The marines are using it as a forward stronghold under the command of Sergeant Keegan. When the Ceph attack the cafe, Nomad and Prophet help fend off the attackers. After that, they move out down the valley on LTVs. That is when the Cafe is last seen. It presumably was caught in the Ice Sphere and taken by the Ceph.


  • The motel has another variation that comes with internal spaces for each room, which can be used for various purposes.
  • In normal weather conditions, it is possible that the view from the cafe is one of the best views on the Lingshan Islands.
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