The Holographic Decoy is an underbarrel multiplayer attachment in Crysis 2. It emits a lifelike hologram of a hostile soldier that will run through the battlefield, attracting gunfire. The soldier appears either in Armor or Power modes, but never in stealth.


Le holo decoy 0

Crysis 2 Limited edition holographic attachment.


  • The Holographic Decoy can be fired to lure an enemy into revealing their position.
  • It can also be used to create a distraction while the player moves to another area of the map.
  • It can also be used to lure enemies into a trap.


  • When fired, it uses a small amount of the nanosuit's energy.
  • When using it on Jackal shotgun, the crosshair disappears so the player has to aim down sights to set the exact position of the hologram.
  • After being shot or ran through the hologram disappears.


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