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Hongzoo Harbor is a harbor located south of the Excavation Site or west of the Alien Mountain, through the train tracks.


Hongzoo Harbor is located by a jungle along the sea. The Harbor has shallow waters and sewer tunnels that can be traveled through. The harbor holds containers to be imported and exported and a crane to lift them from the ship or onto train cars.

During Crysis[]

General Kyong evacuated civilians through the harbor. The Koreans heavily guarded the harbor since that it contained many of their supplies and goods. The harbor was later attacked by the Ceph, but the KPA held them off. US forces attacked the harbor and destroyed the AAAs and the cruiser that was about to leave the harbor. It is later used as an important tactical location by U.S. forces, holding many units such as earth movers. The harbor was attacked again by aliens after Major Strickland's death.

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