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Hovercrafts are vehicles that can travel on both land and water.


Hovercrafts do not resemble any other vehicle in the game and so are easy to spot. They have no wheels and no motor. Instead, they have large thrusters on the back and a black rubber-like bottom.


The only weapon a hovercraft has is a machine gun controlled by the driver. In Crysis Warhead, the hovercraft in singleplayer is unarmed, and looks different.


The Hovercraft moves faster than any of the standard boats in the game and allows quicker transportation and to be able to evade the missiles and auto cannons of the automated turrets as long as you keep moving. It's amphibious capabilities allows it to be used on land. The Hovercraft also sports a mounted machine gun which can be controlled by the driver and can function as a light infantry support vehicle.


The Hovercraft is bulky and its high speed makes it difficult to control while on land. In the multiplayer and the singleplayer modes of Crysis Warhead, it is unarmed, making the operator utterly defenseless against any attack.

Hovercrafts tend to deflate while unused, meaning that exiting a hovercraft while over water would cause it to deflate and sink.


Hovercrafts are only featured in the singleplayer modes of Crysis and Crysis Warhead. In multiplayer, they are available for both the US and KPA in Power Struggle maps.

Hovercrafts glide easily over both water and land. They quickly build up speed to almost 60 mph (97 km/h) and nearly 70 (113 km/h) with the booster. They are moderately armored, but lack decent firepower and are not meant for combat. Rather, they should be used for rapid amphibious transportation and ferry.

Bigger versions which can carry more infantry and even vehicles, can also be seen in the beaches of Second Chance and the cutscenes of Crysis 2, though they are unusable.


Gauss rifle Hovercrafts take much more damage from the Gauss rifle than other guns.
Missiles It will take around two missiles to destroy a hovercraft, though their fast rate of travel may make them difficult targets. You can use the laser mounted to the missile to guide it to the target.
Tank cannons It will take around two hits to destroy a hovercraft, though their fast rate of travel may make them difficult targets.
MOAC The hovercraft takes much more damage from the MOAC than bullets.
MOAR Like most vehicles, the MOAR will instantly freeze the hovercraft, which allows any damage to shatter it.
C4 Placing C4 on a patrol route can prove an efficient way of destroying a hovercraft if it is traveling on land. Placing the C4 on the hovercraft will be difficult due to its high speed.
Grenades Hovercrafts are fairly resistant to grenades and it will take quite a few to destroy.
Mines Using mines is straightforward so long as the hovercraft is traveling on land and its path is known.
Punches Strength punches damage the hovercraft and will push it around slightly. However, when the hovercraft explodes, it will kill you. Punch it only to damage, then use other weapons to destroy it.
Gunfire Hovercrafts are nearly entirely resistant to generic gunfire.


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