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The Hurricane Minigun is a devastating weapon appearing in Crysis and Crysis Warhead that is highly effective against both light infantry, alien infantry and Nanosuit soldiers. The weapon has a high-capacity 500-round drum magazine, allowing for a continuous stream of suppressive fire. While its rate of fire is considerably lower than typical miniguns, it still has a higher rate of fire than any other weapon in the game. It is arguably the most powerful non-explosive portable infantry weapon at the player's disposal. Because of its weight, only someone wearing a Nanosuit can wield it and even then the user is slowed down to a near walking-pace. It is however, easier to maneuver with strength mode and speed mode.


It has more rounds per magazine than any other available weapon, and boasts an incredible rate of fire. It is considerably powerful and can quickly defeat most enemies, even Ceph Scouts. Although it features a large quantity of ammunition (1000 total), the high fire rate can burn through it surprisingly fast.


The Hurricane Minigun slows the user down, making them an easier target. Only one extra magazine can be carried (although one can argue that the amount of ammo per magazine compensates for it). It eats up ammo very quickly.

When using speed mode to increase maneuverability, the enemy can exploit this to their advantage as the user will not be protected by their armor mode. The minigun also takes about a second to spin up before it can fire. Ammunition is scarce, although it can sometimes be found in ammo caches and wielded by some KPA Nanosoldiers.

The Hurricane Minigun has low accuracy, making small and distant targets difficult to hit. As it can only be fired from the hip, accurately aiming is difficult especially on higher difficulties as the crosshair is not available. The laser pointer attachment offers some assistance to aiming, although not enough to offset the minigun's inaccuracy. While it is devastating in close range, SMG may be more effective as they allow the user to aim down the sights, not to mention larger ammunition supply and no penalty on maneuverability.

Accepted Attachments:[]

  • Laser/Flashlight module


  • There is a bug that causes the Hurricane's barrel to disappear when the player toggles third person mode, then comes back to first person mode. It can be solved by reselecting the weapon or causing the barrel to rotate by firing.
  • In "Reckoning", there is a Minigun next to the body of a dead soldier, even though only Nanosuit-equipped soldiers can lift one.
  • In Warhead, the skin of the Minigun is camouflaged green.


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