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Idaho Team or Team Idaho referred to by Major Clarence Strickland in game, is a USMC tank unit active in Crysis. They fight against Korean People's Army until they face the aliens.


Before Nomad meets Idaho Team, their tanks are kept inside aircraft carriers and transported by heavy VTOLs. They serve as a heavy breakthrough unit for the Lingshan Islands assault.

Idaho Team fully appears in "Onslaught, though they first appear in "Assault" at the end of the level. They fight their way to the mine and succeed with help from Nomad. They are blocked by the crack in the path between the tank depot village and the KPA Mine, where they might have changed their path. They presumably meet their fate against the aliens.

Crysis Warhead[]

In Warhead, they may be referenced by Emerson when Psycho learns of the propaganda station. If the player destroys the station, they will thank Psycho. It is unknown if the frozen tank unit in "Adapt or Perish" is Idaho Team.