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In at the Deep End
Crysis 2 Missions:

In at the Deep End
Second Chance
Sudden Impact
Road Rage
Lab Rat
Gate Keepers
Dead Man Walking
Seat of Power
Dark Heart
Semper Fi or Die
Corporate Collapse
Train to Catch
Unsafe Haven
Power Out
Eye of the Storm
Masks Off
Out of the Ashes
A Walk in the Park


"In at the Deep End" is the first mission of Crysis 2.


Alcatraz, a member of the US Marines, awakes on board a submarine in the Hudson River heading towards New York City. The Marines start talking about their version of what exactly is happening on the ground, when the sub is suddenly struck by an unknown force. After struggling to escape the sinking vessel, the Marines finally swim to the surface. Suddenly, an alien gunship emerges from the water a few meters away and proceeds to kill all Marines within view. Before the Ceph Gunship can kill Alcatraz, a stranger wearing a Nanosuit appears and destroys it. Alcatraz then loses consciousness while the man tells him: "Destiny is a bitch. It'll be on you now, son."


United States Marine Corps[]

Raptor Team[]



  • SCAR (unusable, seen it the hands of the Marines in the sub)
  • HMG (unusable, seen only in the hands of Prophet)


  • Can it run Crysis? (10 Gamerscore) - Is obtained by completing *"In at the Deep End' on any difficulty.


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  • Alcatraz doesn't speak during this 'mission', supposedly because of damaged lungs, and vocal cords.
  • The achievement "Can it run Crysis?" refers to the fact that many PC users use Crysis as a benchmark to measure how really good is their computer actually is.