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Incendiary Rounds is an attachment in CrysisCrysis Warhead and Crysis 3. Unlike regular ammo, the Incendiary Rounds will explode when they hit a target.


Only the FY71 (FY-71M in Crysis 3) can use Incendiary Rounds.


The Incendiary Rounds are a powerful upgrade to the FY71 that increases damage. The player can take out enemies with two shots and nanosuits in several shots. This also works well against the Ceph.


Ammo for this type is rare so the player should save them for more armored targets like the Korean nanosuits instead of regular enemies.

In Crysis 3, Incendiary Rounds are considered "special ammo" and thus only a maximum of one magazine (36 rounds) of Incendiary ammo can be carried at any one time, and can only be resupplied at special ammo boxes.


  • Originally, the SCAR was supposed to have Incendiary Rounds in addition to its regular rounds and an unknown type of ammo (Tag bullets in game file).
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