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"It's time to turn up the H.E.A.T with one of the most explosive weapons you'll find in Crysis 2 - The JAW. Capable of taking out tanks or troops, this guided missile launcher is versatile and deadly when in the right hands."
―In-game description

The Joint Anti-Tank Weapon - short JAW - is the latest in man-portable, lightweight disposable recoilless anti-tank weapon appearing in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.


The following text is taken from Weapon Focus section of the official Crysis website (now dead):


The Joint Anti-Tank Weapon - short JAW - is the latest in man-portable, lightweight disposable recoilless anti-tank weapons. Developed by Hagerling Ordnance (Sweden) and in service with all military branches of the United States and other military forces worldwide, the JAW is able to defeat modern tanks, armored vehicles and also groups of infantry with its dual-purpose tandem HEAT warhead.

Designed for urban combat and long distance engagements alike, the JAW can be safely used from enclosed rooms and bunkers against nearby threats, but also has the option to use limited SACLOS guidance to defeat moving targets and even helicopters at ranges exceeding 500m when aiming down the sights.

Being a one-shot weapon, the JAW is issued as ammunition with the empty tube discarded after use. Since the weapon is mainly constructed from lightweight composite materials, anti-armor specialists usually carry several JAWs at the same time with a minimal impact on movement compared to other infantry equipment.[1]


Accuracy: 8

Rate of fire: 1

Mobility: 2

Damage: 10

Range: 6

Usage (Crysis 2 and Crysis 3)[]

As the series dedicated anti-big enemy weapon, the JAW is largely self-explanatory, and it works the same in both incarnations, with the only difference being a damage increase in Crysis 3 (8000, vs C2's 6000). This was likely done to cut down on the number of JAWS in the game, and to make up for the lower carry limit. In the end, it doesn't really change much, since you'll rarely find yourself without any JAWs in situations where you absolutely must have them to progress.

When wielding the JAW, you have the option of firing it straight away, which is the recommended way to employ them against slow targets, stationary targets, and at medium range. No enemy, not even the ceph gunships in Crysis 3, are fast enough to dodge a JAW fired at medium range. Optionally, you can look down the sight, which allows you to aim the missile. At long ranges, you should always do this, but even at short ranges, occasionally, guiding the missile is better than letting it rip; pingers, for instance, have numerous weak spots that are very easy to hit if you guide the missile, and the extra damage dealt hitting weak points will save you a metric ton of ordnance.


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