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"This fully automatic, 12 gauge assault shotgun takes a fast paced approach towards combat, delivering huge fire power at a phenomenal rate which will devastate anyone and anything in its path."
―In-game description

The Jackal is a fully automatic shotgun featured in Crysis 2. It returns in Crysis 3 as the Alpha Jackal.


Designed from the ground up for military purposes by upstart company Bishop Ballistics, the Jackal is a heavy-duty combat shotgun in every sense of the term. While its competitors are based on civilian market models, the main concept behind the Jackal is accurate, low-recoil, rapid-fire delivery of 12 gauge shotgun rounds downrange in an urban combat zone.

Despite its expensive price tag, the Jackal is highly sought after by private military contractors and security personnel, who love it for its reliability, high rate of fire and optional high-capacity magazine. There is no target that can withstand a full magazine from the Jackal at point-blank range, and the sheer sound of a Jackal being fired nearby is enough to send adversaries running for cover.

In Crysis 2 multiplayer, the Jackal is a very potent weapon. At a considerable distance (for a shotgun) the Jackal will often produce a kill, while usually consuming a magazine. Extended Magazine helps to counter this, making multi-target engagements quick and painless. Single fire is also a very powerful attachment. The spread of the pellets is lowered and their damage increased. Both together kill at an even further distance while only using a couple shells. The downside is that the fire rate is halved, but the time it takes to kill is still considerably less in most cases.


Accuracy: 3

Rate of fire: 10

Mobility: 7

Damage: 2

Range: 2


Crysis 3[]

The jackal returns in Crysis 3 as the alpha jackal. Compared to its Crysis 2 incarnation, it has moderately better handling, less recoil during full auto fire, reloads slightly faster, and is compatible with many useful attachments, including two types of special ammunition, allowing the tactical shotgun to actually be used as such. Its semi-auto setting remains one of the most powerful attacks available to the player, able to easily one-shot ceph stalkers in close quarters, and most human targets out to 10 meters. Past 10 meters, damage decreases sharply, but it's possible to do work at 20 meters if you're in a pinch, or very good. Full-auto remains the crowd pleaser setting, and makes quick work of small squads, though it is more susceptible to damage falloff, so using it when closing with targets isn't advised.

Solid slug shells: these fire a single armor piercing projectile, rather than 7 buckshot pellets. Slugs inflict slightly less raw damage than buckshot, but retain most of their damage out to 30 meters, and can still easily kill with headshots at 50 meters, possibly even beyond.

Voltage shells: these fire 5 electrified high-tech projectiles in a very tight spread pattern, akin to Crysis 1's 'tight spread' shotgun setting. Compared to standard shells, voltage shells inflict more damage per pellet, but as there are 2 less per shell, and they have weaker armor penetration, overall damage is reduced. Unlike the other ammo types, these shells retain their full damage even at very long ranges, but the pellet spread makes it all but impossible to hit anyone past 40 meters. Targets hit by these and not killed are stunned, knocked over, or sent into panic. Works like the K-volt and electric arrows when applied to water, machines, and ceph systems.




All Attachments are unlocked at Weapon Levels. Below is a list of attachments available for this weapon and the level they are unlocked at.

Level Attachment Unlocked[]

1. Iron Sights   0 Kills

2. Reflex Sight   10 Kills

3. Foregrip       25 Kills

4. Extended Magazine  50 Kills

5. Rifle Laser Sight  100 Kills

6. Hologram   150 Kills

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  • The Jackal is very effective against Pingers.
  • The Jackal is the primary weapon of Chino throughout Crysis 2.
  • The Jackal gets CELL's camouflage in Crysis 3.


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