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"Hey Nomad, you still with us?"
―Jester waking up Nomad in the plane.

Martin "Jester" Hawker is a member of Raptor Team. He appears in Crysis.


He is with Nomad and the rest of Raptor Team in the beginning of Contact. After the team is separated during their HALO jump, Nomad regroups with him and Prophet sends them both to help Aztec, whose parachute catches him in a tree. As the two head to find Aztec, Aztec and a four man KPA patrol are brutally killed. Nomad continues on while Jester cleans up to prevent any evidence of US involvement.

Later, he, Prophet and Psycho have found the research team's frozen boat far inland in the island. Nomad joins them and Jester and Psycho argue with Prophet. A strange noise is heard and as the team looks around, a Ceph Scout breaks through the frozen ship and grabs Jester. It carries Jester as the rest of Raptor team chase it before discarding his battered and severely damaged body. After finding Jester, unable to transport his body away from the KPA, he was incinerated along with the Nanosuit.

Personality and Skills[]

Sarcastic and flamboyant, Jester has a collected outlook on his objectives, but has an egotistical aura which often leads him to making remarks, jokes or comments on things. While not sharing the same discipline or determination as Nomad or Psycho, Jester is one to follow orders and not question them.

Trained in most firearms, Jester, being a Special Forces agent, knows how to accurately operate most weapons encountered in the field, as well as having a relatively deep insight on the use of a nanosuit, as demonstrated while he was leading Nomad to the Aztec's location. Although he is never shown in a combat situation, it is accurate to assume that, being an elite military operative, he is quite capable in combat.


"I've heard of this guy, he must have found something big to buy all this heat--"
―Jester talking with Aztec about Dr. Rosenthal during the HALO jump.

"Jesus! What the hell happened here?!"
―Jester to Nomad when finding dead Koreans torn up badly.

"Looks like somebody had a little trouble parking their boat!"
―Jester remarking on the discovery of a frozen boat up in the foothills.

"Yeah, since when do the Koreans have themselves a mother****ing freeze-ray?!"
―Jester discussing with the other team members about the frozen inland boat.

"I saw him up close, boss. He was mutilated, ripped in two! I mean, what are we dealing with here, 'cause it ain't just Koreans?"
―Jester referring to Aztec's death.


  • Jester is voiced by Lahmard Tate.
  • In Crysis 3, Jester's dogtag is given to Prophet from Psycho.
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