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Jets are the main vehicles used by the United States Air Force, Navy and the Korean People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force. They are seen in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. They cannot be used by the player.


The F-36C Spectre is Crysis' version of an VTOL fighter jet.


While it looks like current generation stealth jets, the F-36C does not seem to possess stealth.


Fighter jets are used by the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and the North Korean Air Force operations ranging from surgical strikes to attaining air superiority. They are often seen in more intense combat zones, or traveling overhead in less intense situations.

During Crysis[]

There are several fighter jets that play a major role in the game. Some can be seen in the background of Contact flying around while others play a major role in levels with air strikes. In Reckoning, an F-36 tried to destroy the Ice Sphere with a nuclear missile, but failed. A moderate amount of US fighter jets were destroyed and sunk with the USS Constitution, as during the Ceph attack many Jet's are seen combating the Ceph air threat flying around the Carrier in order to protect it from Scout attacks. It is likely that the nuclear strike that was planned on the Central Park Spear would be delivered by an F-36. 

During Crysis Warhead[]

In Call me Ishmael, Sean O'Neill is known to be a pilot for US Air Force. His F-36 fighter is shot down by two Su-27 Flankers pursuing him. His crashed fighter is later found and captured by Psycho, who then retrieves the flight recording. In the last mission All the Fury, several Su-27 Flankers are parked at the airfield, which may have been captured or destroyed by Ceph when they attacked the airfield.

During Crysis 2[]

In Power Out, Barcley mentions that the no fly zone over New York is enforced by the Air Force, possibly with the F-36 Spectre. In Out of the Ashes, a USAF A-10 Thunderbolt Jet Gunship attacked a Ceph Dropship after Alcatraz marked it. It was mentioned that the Jet Gunship was stationed at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. In the Cinematic Opening, it is implied that C.E.L.L may operate Jet Gunships as one was used to attack Alcatraz.


  • When O´Neill´s F-36 is hit by missile in Crysis Warhead, he shouts that he lost his left engine. However, the F-36 has only one engine.
  • The F-36s bear the livery of VFA-86, a real USN strike fighter squadron.
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