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The KPA Mine is a mine deep in the dug up mining field below the cliff with the Crusher Yard.


The KPA Mine is in a deep excavasion hole and has very thin roads unsuitible for driving on. The Mine was built under the Ceph mountain for research on the relic. There are no grass, only rocks and sand. The mine has cracked bridges and tunnels which were damaged during earthquakes.

During Crysis[]

The IAS and the KPA dug tunnels and a hole for operations. The mine was heavily-guarded due to Ceph activity and the relic on the island. Kyong was waiting for Helena Rosenthal to monitor the activity inside the mountain. Dr. Rosenthal soon contacted the team that the relics they discovered ae alive, but Kyong choose to ignore this, saying that he still wants power and no excuses. Meanwhile, Nomad, having defeated the KPA tanks and securing part of the island, headed into a base and got intel that the KPA are holding the IAS hostage inside the mine. He headed into the crusher yard, and secured it as VTOLs landed to give reinforcements which Nomad can use to advance on the island. Nomad went down into the mine entrance and met heavy KPA forces on the way. After securing the area, another VTOL landed, giving reinforcements to defend the entrance. Nomad went in and reached the discovery site inside the mountain. He was knocked out by KPA guards and taken prisoner. Kyong argued to Helena about using the power on him. A scientist argues to Kyong that the operation could kill everyone, but Kyong kills him, activating the C4 placed on the alien mountain. Electrical surges came out, killing Koreans, activating Nomad's suit, and giving Kyong power. Kyong battled Nomad, but ultimately lost to him. The mine was torn down after Nomad evacuated Helena, and was trapped inside the elevator. He entered the Ceph mountain through the mine.

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