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Sgt. Keegan is a minor character who first appeared during Crysis in the Hillside Cafe, level Exodus, commanding a marine detachment set up their defense inside the Hillside Cafe near the Ice Sphere.

During Crysis[]

He asks Nomad and Prophet to help him and his marines defend the cafe from an onslaught by Aliens. After a short battle, the marines move up and get into their LTVs to evacuate from the cafe. Keegan's takes the wheel of one of the LTV's and takes the lead. He manages to stay on track, but when Major Clarence Strickland issues an order, he somehow manages to stray off the main road still being pursued by a Scout. A few moments later, his LTV reappears at the top of a ledge briefly before it is destroyed by a Scout and falls of the ledge, killing Keegan and the machinegunner.

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