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A successful knife jab on an enemy in singleplayer

Crysis-2 73842 C2 MP Stealth Kill

Stealth kill in Multiplayer

The Knife is a melee weapon available by default in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. It is only seen when performing a stealth kill. The Crysis 2 knife is also seen in Warface under the name "Executor". This is possibly due to the fact that both games run on CRYENGINE.


The knife can only be used when doing a stealth kill. The player must be cloaked (default E on the PC) and must be behind a valid enemy to perform a Stealth Kill. Valid enemies include normal C.E.L.L. Operatives, Ceph Ticks, Ceph Grunts, Ceph Guardian Units, Ceph Stalkers, or enemy Nanosuits in multiplayer.

When a prompt appears on the screen, the player can then press the melee button (default V on the PC) to perform an instant kill. The player must be directly behind the enemy or the notification will not appear to perform the stealth kill.

If the notification is not there, then the player will do a regular melee. Players should beware of this, as it renders them vulnerable to a counterattack from their supposed victim.

There are also another way to use the knife, first grab (default F on the PC) a C.E.L.L operative or Ceph, after that push melee button ( default V on the PC).


There are two animations for stealth kills in Crysis 2 for each enemy.

For CELL units, one is a head grab swiftly followed by a knife jab to the jugular, while the other is a simple neck snap.

For Ceph units, one involves a stab with the knife at the area directly underneath the helmet, while the second has the Ceph being grabbed and bent over backwards where it is stabbed beneath the helmet like the first.

Ceph ticks are just stomped on in two different ways.

In multiplayer, there is an added animation where the player stabs another player from what seems like the bottom jaw or the throat.

All animations take the same amount of time to execute and are completely random. There is no difference to them besides cosmetic looks and the way the dead ragdolls fall to the floor.

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