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"One of the most explosive weapons featured in Crysis 2. Whether you're looking to set up an ambush, performing strategic rebound shots or just blasting your way through the crowd, the L-TAG is a weapon to be feared and respected!"
―In-game description

The Launcher – Tactical Airburst Grenades (L-TAG) is an advanced grenade launcher that is available for use in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, in both the campaign and multiplayer.


The following text is taken from Weapon Focus section of the official Crysis website (now dead):


The L-TAG is an advanced grenade launcher developed by well-known Amim-Selbach Defense Corporation. Firing a variety of 60mm large-caliber smart grenades, the “Launcher – Tactical Airburst Grenades” has seen limited use as a tactical weapon with Special Forces.

Urban combat environments are the classic domain for indirect fire such as mortars and grenade launchers. The L-TAG provides increased capabilities by giving operators even more control over when and how a grenade should detonate. With the L-TAG you can bounce grenades around corners or deploy minefields with relative ease.

The extra technology contained within each smart grenade comes at a price however, increasing overall projectile weight and complexity while limiting the amount of explosive and propellant. This results in a reduced effective range compared to other systems. As a safety precaution and for increased tactical use, L-TAG grenades include a proximity sensor that can differentiate between friend and foe.[1]

There are no available attachments for the L-TAG, and grenade boxes in Crysis 2 can't be used to replenish ammunition, making it a short burst of power at best, and due to several poor design decisions, it's a frustrating and clunky weapon to use.


Accuracy: 4

Rate of fire: 3

Mobility: 5

Damage: 9

Range: 3

Crysis 3[]

The Crysis 3 L-TAG differs in many ways from the one in Crysis 2. For starters, grenade supply boxes now include the L-TAG's 60mm grenades, meaning you'll have far more opportunities to use it, and the weapon's handling was reworked to make it less clunky. This is doubly true in C3: Remaster, where weapons no longer animate at 30 FPS, a limitation that gimped many weapons, the L-TAG in particular. In addition, there are now two revised safety features that make it much harder to blow yourself up accidentally, while simultaneously make it a lot easier to set traps with the weapon.

L-TAG launchers have two firing modes, toggled between using the weapon function key (default '2' on all PC versions). Each grenade can be individually set as either a primary or secondary, indicated by the LED bands ringing the grenades (yellow is primary, green is secondary) and operates completely independently of other grenades you may have already fired. Both 'modes' have the same velocity, which is quite high, as the artillery sights should clue you in on, and seem to do about the same ridiculous squad-flattening damage.

Primary launches high-tech timed grenades that can be bounced against the environment without exploding. These naturally lend themselves well to dealing with enemies around corners, or when said enemy's fleeing from one of your explosives, at which point you bounce another explosive into his escape path. Unlike a normal timed grenade, the L-TAG primary will detonate instantly if it either makes direct contact with an enemy, or gets too close to one. If primary grenades stay airborne for longer than 7 seconds, they'll self-destruct and do very little damage. If they successfully make contact with something before their 7 seconds are up, they'll rebound quite hard, and start counting down a 4 second timer before detonating.

Secondary launches what can best be described as sticky mines, as secondary grenades attach to anything, including enemies and trees. Rather than explode instantly on contact with enemies like the primary grenade, secondaries that hit enemies directly have a 2 second timer before they explode, and cause the same panic and despair in enemy formations as the thermite arrowhead, but with a vastly bigger explosion. These have a 20 second timer that starts counting down the instant they're fired, and upon expiring or getting too close to enemies, they'll detonate with their full power. Trapping doors, creating instant minefields, and artillery attacks on enemy formations (20 seconds is a really long time, and most of the game takes place outdoors) are all practical ways to use the secondary mode. Less practical 'attach full drum of mines to prop, then power throw said prop at the enemy' applications are also possible, as are really wasteful endeavours involving charged powerkicks, dumpsters, REX charges, all your L-TAG grenades, and a thermite arrowhead to detonate the whole thing while it's flying through the air.

As L-TAG grenades are 'smart' munitions, they won't detonate if you're too close to them, but this has far more offensive uses than defensive ones, and even the most partial hit from the weapon will cause serious damage. Because of how the L-TAG arms its munitions, and doesn't have a minimum safe arming distance, it arguably does the rifle grenade's jobs better than the rifle grenade itself.


  • The L-TAG is the only weapon that can hold not one, but two rounds "in the chamber".
  • While using the L-TAG in single player against C.E.L.L. units, they can be heard screaming "MGL!" This could have been the original name for the L-TAG in the game.
  • In spite of the "Airburst" function advertised in the name, this function was cut from the game at the last minute.
  • The L-TAG was inspired by the real life XM25 Airbust.


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