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The LAW is a disposable compact missile launcher used by both the KPA and US Marines. Preloaded with 3 rockets, it incorporates a laser aiming and guidance system that enables the user to directly control the path of the projectile.


The LAW is extremely effective against lightly armored vehicles, such as LTVs and aircraft, though it also works remarkable well against heavy vehicles, which include tanks and APCs. The built-in laser guidance allows for direct control of the rocket, which is useful in various situations.

A useful tactic can be employed to prevent the player from being harassed by gunfire while guiding the missile to its target. First, the player fires the missile directly up from behind cover and then immediately switches weapons without moving the cursor. This allows the player to look around and move without altering the course of the missile, where they may cloak and then switch back to the missile launcher, guiding it to its target without being seen. This tactic allows the player to utilize the LAW in a similar manner to a Javelin, where the missile will impact vertically on vehicle rather than performing horizontal impact (which also does not show the true position of the attacker). Considering that the missile is continually gaining altitude, the player should decide on their target before firing, as the missile gains more altitude, it takes more timeto come down to its target.

Law 1



The LAW has a long range, it can fire a missile more than a kilometer while retaining effective guidance. Its scope helps the player to hit a long range target. With all its advantages, the LAW is most useful for long range anti-vehicle combat.


The missiles carelessly fired from the LAW may hit obstacles before hitting their targets. Its laser guidance exposes the user to enemy fire as they have to guide the missile manually (although this can be somewhat counteracted by using the Javelin-like tactic above). Aircraft are the main threat, as they can dodge the missile and quickly return fire. Its ammunition is relatively scarce, although in missions like Onslaught it is available in large numbers.


  • Even when aiming at a close-range target, sometimes the rocket deviates from its course, crashing into a nearby object or cliff.
  • The LAW appears to be based on both the SAAB Bofors Dynamics MBT LAW and the M72 LAW. The idea of a multi-shot rocket launcher is probably based on the M202 FLASH.


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