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Alcatraz is in a building overlooking the Harbor Lights Pier, but the C.E.L.L. are already there looking for him

  • Nathan Gould:  Oh, shit!  They're in the lab!  Get in there before they find anything!  I'm counting on you, Prophet!

Alcatraz jumps down and stealth kills a C.E.L.L. sniper.  He then jumps down and opens fire on the CELL soldiers below

  • C.E.L.L. Operative: Advancing position, he's coming this way!
  • Dominic Lockhart: All units, we have a confirmed sighting of Prophet!  He's at the pier!  Take that f**** down!

Alcatraz massacres all the C.E.L.L. until he reaches the building leading to Gould's lab, where he kills more CELL until he reaches the elevator to the laboratory.

  • Gould: Okay, I got you on the security camera.  Look, there are three guys up there.  Drop 'em before they find anything!

Alcatraz, as he makes his way up to the lab, sees a C.E.L.L. soldier and his buddies enter the lab

  • 'C.E.L.L.' Operative: Get those terminals booted up!  Lockhart wants copies of everything!