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The Laser Pointer is an attachment in the Crysis series. When attached under the barrel of a weapon, it emits a laser that produces a dot wherever said weapon is pointed, but there is a limited distance that the laser can reach.


It can be used in conjunction with the Gauss Rifle, Molecular Accelerator, Precision Rifle, SCAR, FY71, SMG, Pistol, Hurricane Minigun, Shotgun, and AY69. The LAW and the PAX automatically have a Laser Pointer that cannot be removed.


The Laser Pointer removes the crosshair, but allows for much tighter spread when firing from the hip. It also removes the ability to aim down sight however (Only in Crysis 2), and weapons with the Laser Pointer attached will become practically useless at longer ranges. The laser pointer will allow enemies to see you long before they get near you. This should never be used if you wish to be stealthy in multiplayer, but remember that it turns off when cloak is active in the singleplayer.

When dual pistols are equipped in the first Crysis, it is advised to use them in conjunction with the laser pointer attachment as you can only fire from the hip. The silencer attachment and stealth are not plausible with the inaccurate nature of dual pistols. In Crysis 2, the enemies do not see the laser pointer during campaign.

One thing you should notice is when you jump with a laser pointer equip it will move off to the side of the screen but the bullets will still go wherever it's pointing; in multiplayer this can be devastating when combined with constant bunny hopping if your accuracy and reflexes are good enough.

In singleplayer, enemies will not notice the laser. It is a more accurate, if shorter range method of aiming than the ironsight. The major disadvantage to it is the inability to aim when firing from under cover due to the laser pointer being low enough under the barrel to be blocked by the cover.


  • Whether or not it is a glitch or intentional, in Crysis 2, when the player is cloaked with a weapon that has the laser pointer attachment, the laser pointer turns invisible and cloaked. But, when the player presses the button to aim down the sight, the laser pointer appears again and remains on for the duration of the cloak. It may be intentional, since Alcatraz turned off the laser pointer when cloaked, and turned it on again when aiming for his enemies.
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