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The Lingshan Islands (Tagalog: Mga Isla ng Lingshan/Chinese: 灵山群岛, Língshān Qúndǎo/Korean: 링산제도, Lingsanjedo) are an archipelago of islands and the location of the events of Crysis and Crysis Warhead takes place.


The Lingshan Islands are located in the southern side of the Philippine Sea, near the Philippine Islands. Millions of years ago, a Ceph Spaceship presumably crashed into the island and was buried beneath the rocks, becoming a mountain. Later, the islands were populated by humans.

On 7th August 2020, North Korean military forces evacuated the civilian population and locked down the island. They captured the IAS team that came to research the island. On 14th August 2020, the US Special Forces arrived on the island. Delta Force Nanosuit teams were dispatched to find and rescue the IAS team. The islands soon became the battleground between the USMC, KPA and Ceph aliens. Later, after the Ice Sphere forms, part of the island is frozen along with all the animals and soldiers. Ultimately, a nuclear strike is launched on the island to destroy the Ceph, but it fails and the Ice Sphere expands over almost the entire island.

In 2047, Prophet landed off the coast of the Lingshan Islands after preventing a Ceph warship from invading Earth.


  • The original Chinese name for the island is 靈山島 (Ling Shan Dao), which mean "The isle with the mountain of spirit".
  • To cover all the surface of the levels the island should be at least 2-3 times larger than in Contact.
  • In the end of one of the trailers, we see the Ceph use some kind of weapon to suck objects from a village on the Lingshan Islands, indicating that the Ceph mountain still remains on the island undestroyed and Ceph activity continues on the island.
  • The houses on the island are shown to be mostly shacks and huts. However, huge buildings such as modern schools, gas stations, harbors and an airfield show modernized features of the island. Presumably, the more modern side of the Island was not shown.
  • According to dialogue from North Korean patrols by the village in Recovery, part of the modernization of some aspects of the island can be explained by the island's lucrative mineral exports. This makes sense considering the large amount of excavators and tractors seen throughout the island as well as the large harbors and docks by the island's coasts. In fact, one of the Koreans referred to the island's lucrative business in minerals as the "influence of capitalism", indicating that the island's inhabitants participate in international trade and are partially Westernized.