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The M12 Nova is a semi-automatic pistol in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. It holds 20 rounds per magazine and up to 120 in reserve, giving it a total of 140 rounds. The gun has moderately low damage compared to the other pistols in the game but has a faster fire rate. The M12 Nova has the second fastest rate of fire out of the four handguns in Crysis 2 (The first being the AY69). The M12 Nova trades off damage per shot for a bigger magazine.


The M12 Nova can attach the Laser Pointer and the Silencer.


The Silencer allows the M12 Nova to be fired in cloaked mode for a cost of ten energy points, allowing the player to traverse missions stealthily and easily dispatch human enemy soldiers unnoticed in Crysis 2 singleplayer.

Laser Pointer[]

The Laser Pointer allows the M12 Nova to be a decent hit-and-run weapon by enhancing hip-fire accuracy. In singleplayer, the Laser Pointer may be desirable when performing stealth operations by cloaking, as it is much easier to see the Laser Pointer than it is to see the ironsights when cloaked.


The player starts off with the M12 Nova unlocked, but without any attachments. The M12 Nova is recommended, especially since it possesses a high rate of fire and a larger magazine, instead of the Hammer or Majestic that are generally slower, require accuracy, and have low count magazines. Compensating for abnormally large amounts of latency and less than desirable hit detection residing in Crysis 2, it is much more desirable for a new player to get used to the high rate of fire and low damage rather than the low rate of fire and low magazine capacities of the other pistols.

Stats (Crysis 2)[]

Accuracy: 4

Rate of fire: 6

Mobility: 8

Damage: 4

Range: 3

Crysis 3[]

The M12 returns for Crysis 3. Damage and performance are as bad (mediocre?) as ever, but the number of compatible attachments increased almost four fold, including special ammunition.

Unfortunately, it's only available for a single chapter of the campaign. so its true power is hard to gauge, but like all other semi-auto weapons, nanosuit mods can turn it into a bullet hose capable of slaying even ceph heavies if they dare venture into close-combat with the player. One notable ability of the Crysis 3 M12 is the recoilless firing with a muzzle break attached.


  • The M12 Nova is the first weapon the player uses in Crysis 2.
  • The M12 Nova is the first standard C.E.L.L. sidearm, followed by the Hammer and lastly the Majestic, each dominating a section of Crysis 2´s campaign in numbers over the previous handgun.
  • In Crysis 3, it is only found once in the game, in the stage Gods And Monsters. It is equipped with an undermounted torch, and is the only weapon to sport such an attachment.
  • The M12 Nova has a close appearance of the HK Mark 23, P30LS and the cancelled HK UCP.
  • The M12 Nova closely resembles in function the Glock 34 handgun with it being chambered in 9mm, long sight radius, low bore axis, and high capacity.
  • It is, in all effect, the Pistol from Crysis, being incredibly similar in appearance. Despite this, both firearms differ in various technical aspects, such as the Pistol loading 4.6x30mm while the Nova utilises 9x19mm Parabellum, the company name having retroactively been changed from BBauer Company to Bauer & Kopka, et al.


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