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M17 Frag Grenade
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The M17 Fragmentation Grenade is an explosive device used in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.


To equip the grenade, the player must double tap the switch weapon button on consoles or scroll through their acquired weapons on PC. If the player holds down the fire button, they will cook the grenade, but if held too long, it will explode in the player's hands, unlike the flash bang grenade. Alcatraz or the player's multiplayer character will then throw the grenade strongly, landing around 25 meters away, depending on the player's direction of throwing and the terrain. The grenades will bounce off of hard surfaces and roll on the ground for a while before detonating. Grenades will cook for 5 seconds before exploding. Just before detonating, the visor will say: "Hand loss imminent".

Crysis 2 MultiplayerEdit

In multiplayer, this is your default grenade. It is moderately powerful, and can be thrown long distances. However, the timer must be accounted for, so cooking the grenade is recommended for targets at closer ranges. You start with one by default, but the Side Pack power module will give you a second one. The Frag Grenade is useful for flushing snipers out of locations and for finding cloaked opponents.

Crysis 3 MultiplayerEdit

The M17 Frag Grenade, is an explosive weapon unlocked at Rank 5. Each player is given one per life. It has a three second fuse that can be cooked before throwing.


Accuracy: 1

Rate of fire: 1

Mobility: 6

Damage: 9

Range: 2


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