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The Claymore is an anti-personnel mine used by the KPA. It explodes when an enemy comes within range and they are typically triggered by infrared or motion sensors. The Claymore is available in multiplayer for both games, but is only usable in single-player in Crysis Warhead.


  • When using the Claymore, players should remember that Claymores are thrown to the ground (in Warhead), not placed, meaning that players need to be aware of where they are pointing the cursor when planting a Claymore.
  • In singleplayer, the Claymore is best used to take out enemies without revealing the players themselves. Luring enemies toward a concealed Claymore is an effective tactic for thinning out the enemy without revealing the player.
  • Claymores are also effective for protecting a player's flanks, if they intend to stay in one place for a long period of time. Claymores can be placed along paths that the enemy will likely use to flank the player.
  • In multiplayer, Claymores are useful for solidifying an area that a team has control over. Placing several Claymores near key points helps the team to defend their position by creating obstacles for the enemy.
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