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Photograph of M33 from the Hubble Space Telescope

M33 (known also as Triangulum or Messier 33 Galaxy) is the home galaxy of the Earth Ceph and their half of billion years old counterpart.


Nothing is known about the galaxy except for that it is 3 million light years away from Earth and is completely colonized by the Ceph. In the galaxy are over a million Ceph hives, nearly all of them covering three or more star systems.

The southern spiral arm is part of the billion year old Over-Hive Hyperion. An unbelievably colossal hivemind that has countless worlds under its control and a myriad of ships and colonies. Two other colossal but somewhat smaller hiveminds, exist within the galaxy. Which are Over-Hive Coeus on its eastern fringes and Over-Hive Iapetus to the west of the galactic core. The age of Over-Hive Hyperion suggests that it may have been a seeding ship from an even more ancient Ceph.

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