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M34 Flash Bang
Production information

Tactical Explosive

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode

A bright flash of light



Ammunition specifications



M84 Flashbang


The M34 Flashbang Grenade is a weapon available in Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 multiplayer. Upon detonation the grenade will temporarily blind and deafen everyone within its effective range. It is most suitable for close quarters combat situation. The grenade loses its effectiveness in the open because enemies are often widely dispersed. As such, it is recommended that this grenade be used only in buildings or closed areas.

Crysis 2Edit

(Needs Info)


Accuracy: 1

Rate of fire: 1

Mobility: 6

Damage: 0

Range: 2

Crysis 3 Edit

The M34 Flash Bang returns in Crysis 3. This explosive weapon can be unlocked at Rank 7. Each player is given two per life. This device will instantly blind any enemy looking in the same direction for a few seconds. Its perfect for clearing rooms filled with enemies covering the doors. Also, the grenade does a little damage to enemies.

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