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The MPX8 is an SMG found in Crysis and Crysis Warhead. It is used by the KPA. Primarily intended as a personal defense and close-quarters weapon; its large 50-round magazine and close-range power range make it the ideal PDW/CQC weapon. The SMG first appears in the hands of KPA scouting parties. Later on, the weapon becomes part of the standard arsenal used by KPA forces on the island. The US Marines are not seen using the SMG in-game.

A smaller submachine gun, the AY69, appears in Crysis Warhead.



The SMG is primarily used as a close-quarters weapon; its high rate of fire can defeat a group of enemies within a few seconds. The SMG is most effective in close-quarters areas, such as buildings or jungles. It is more suitable than the Shotgun in a jungle environment, as the player does not have to get as close to their target in order for it to be effective.

The silencer is a useful attachment for the SMG, as the high rate-of-fire counteracts the damage reduction caused by the silencer. This allows the player to fight their way through a building without alerting enemies in nearby rooms.

Its major downfall is its large recoil (unless aiming), poor range and low single shot damage. This makes it less suitable for medium to long range combat, and is best paired with a SCAR, FY71, Precision Rifle or Gauss Rifle to handle these targets. If one must employ this weapon in a long-range situation, using Strength mode will assist in preventing ammunition wastage.


Smg 1


  • The SMG appears to be an American weapon, as it features the same dark blue and black color scheme.
  • Due to the designation of the weapon containing an "X," it is probably being field-tested by the Koreans and is only a prototype.
  • Apparently the SMG is inspired in the real life MP7 and Uzi.


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